Rochdale Science Extravaganza 2024

Sunday, 5th May 2024

This event has now ended.


11am - 4pm


Rochdale Town Hall,
The Esplanade,
OL16 1AZ

Get ready, Greater Manchester! Prepare your family and friends for an unforgettable day of discovery, inspiration, and fun at the Rochdale Science Extravaganza! This unique fusion of art and science is brought to you by the Rochdale Science Initiative in partnership with Rochdale Town Hall, offering a spectacular showcase of the wonders of the universe and the crucial role of science and creativity in our everyday lives.

Embark on an immersive journey through the breathtaking Colourscape installation. Here, you'll traverse an environment pulsating with a spectrum of vibrant and subtle colours, offering a truly unique and engaging experience. To further enhance your visit, the Colourscape will host theatrical performances, adding an extra layer of magic and wonder to your journey.

Prepare to be transported to a world where science, art, and even wildlife collide! Dive into a vibrant array of hands-on activities, interactive exhibitions, and mind-boggling scientific demonstrations. Be captivated by theatrical science shows that blend the thrill of the stage with the intrigue of scientific exploration.

And if that's not enough, brace yourselves for an extraordinary live animal experience! Get up close and personal with a myriad of fascinating species. This is an opportunity for the young and old alike to interact with and learn about diverse creatures, and yes, you can even pet them!

Meet the superheroes of the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Mathematics) world! . Get ready to connect with esteemed researchers, talented artists, and accomplished professionals from leading institutions such as the Universities of Manchester, Manchester Metropolitan, and York. Join forces with the Institute of Physics, Royal Society of Chemistry, and the Institution of Engineering and Technology. Prepare to be captivated by their stories, learn from their groundbreaking research, and be inspired by their passion.

This event also casts a spotlight on the pressing issue of climate change and sustainability. Discover how science, art, and creativity can contribute to a sustainable future and how we can combat climate change together. Explore the exciting world of green careers and make choices that can make a difference.

Local schools, community organisations, and industry representatives will join us to highlight their work towards climate change and sustainability. We will also feature distinguished speakers from academia and faith and political representatives. Touchstones, our local museum, and local artists will weave a magical tapestry of creativity and innovation, merging art with the realm of science.

And of course, we have catered to your comfort! A variety of delicious food will be available to keep your energy levels high, and prayer facilities will be provided for those who wish to use them.

Entrance to the event is free, but your kind donations will help us continue our mission of making STEAM accessible to all.

So, gather your loved ones and join us for a day filled with discovery, inspiration, and joy. The Rochdale Science Extravaganza isn't just an event; it's a celebration of our community, our curiosity, our shared future, and the natural world around us. We can't wait to welcome you, your family, and your friends to this extraordinary day!

The Rochdale Science Extravaganza is made possible by the support of our sponsors. We are grateful to our headline supporter, The Ogden Trust, as well as Rochdale Town Hall, Rochdale Borough Council, and Eye Music Trust for their contributions as event supporters.

For more information, contact Mohammed Rahman at 07984 638 779. Additionally, you can find us on Facebook at rochdalescience

The Ogden Trust
Eye Music
Rochdale Borough Council