Catalyst Science Discovery Centre & Museum

3 September 2023

Catalyst Science Discovery Centre & Museum

An incredible experience our community group had at the Catalyst Science Discovery Centre & Museum, thanks to the generous support of the Royal Society of Chemistry Outreach Fund. As a dedicated institution showcasing the wonders of chemistry, Catalyst left us inspired and in awe of the possibilities within STEM.

One thing that truly made our visit meaningful was the commitment of the Catalyst trustees. Despite their busy schedules, they graciously gave up their Sunday afternoon to guide us through the exhibits. Their expertise and passion for the subject truly brought the entire experience to life, allowing us to engage and appreciate the offerings on a deeper level. A big shout-out to these amazing individuals!

Catalyst Science Discovery Centre & Museum had so much to offer our group. From interactive exhibits that allowed us to investigate science and technology, to a captivating theatrical science show that shed light on what chemistry can do in mitigating climate change, every aspect of the visit was carefully designed to ignite curiosity and foster learning.

One standout feature was the observatory gallery. Imagine being surrounded by glass walls, ascending to the rooftop gallery in an external glass lift and being greeted by breathtaking panoramic views. It was a truly immersive experience! The gallery also showcased hands-on exhibits and an extensive photographic collection, allowing us to soak in the rich heritage of the area.

Leaving Catalyst Science Discovery Centre & Museum, our community group was filled with inspiration for the wonders of science. We left with a passion for chemistry and its limitless possibilities. It is truly remarkable how informal STEM-based learning centres like Catalyst can ignite curiosity, drive innovation, and shape the future.

If you haven't already, we highly recommend visiting Catalyst Science Discovery Centre & Museum to experience the magic firsthand. Prepare to be amazed and inspired!