Climate Change: Interfaith Dialogue

24 April 2023

Climate Change: Interfaith Dialogue

In partnership with The Great Imagining, today marked a significant milestone for RSI as it brought together people from all across the country for an impactful interfaith dialogue on climate change. Participants of all ages, including the young, the elderly, and the middle-aged, came together to discuss and take action on this pressing issue. Every individual's perspective was valued and respected, ensuring that no group held more importance than the others.

The event commenced with a climate change workshop led by Stephen Whitehead, a Green Mentor at Handsworth School of Association in Birmingham. Through a series of engaging activities, the workshop encouraged participants to delve into the complexities of climate change and its impact on the environment. The goal was to empower attendees to recognize their potential in making a positive difference and foster a deep connection with the natural world.

Following the workshop, an insightful interfaith discussion on climate change took place, facilitated by Robin Clyfan, a comedian, writer, and presenter. The discussion was divided into two parts. Initially, the esteemed panelists, including Imam Irfan Chisti, Reverend Abi Elliot-McGuffie, Rahela Khan, Ustadha Amina Latif, Deborah Curtis, and Samar Mushtaq, had the opportunity to share their perspectives on faith, nature, the environment, and specifically, climate change. Subsequently, questions were opened up to both the panellists and the audience, fostering a dynamic exchange of ideas. Ultimately, a pledge was made by all attendeesĀ to return to their communities and raise awareness about climate change.

Overall, this event marked a significant step forward for RSI, uniting diverse voices and highlighting the urgency of addressing climate change. The combination of the workshop and interfaith dialogue created a space for education, reflection, and commitment to action, inspiring individuals to become catalysts for change in their communities.