Communities in Conversation

19 March 2022

Communities in Conversation

The Communities in Conversation project took place over three weeks in March 2022. It was a collaborative effort between the Institute of Physics (IOP) and local community members. The project was a key part of the IOP's Unlocking the Future strategy, focusing on exploring the perception and potential of physics.

What made this project special was its community-led approach. Local participants played a vital role in shaping the themes and activities, guided by physicists and facilitators.

There were lively discussions and hands-on experiences that kept everyone engaged and enlightened.

We addressed the important issue of making physics more accessible by discussing the connections between the concerns of physicists and everyday community life. We recognised that physics is not limited to laboratories and textbooks—it is all around us, and its language is intertwined with our everyday conversations in the community.

One of the main topics we explored was climate change. We discussed how communities are responding to this global challenge and how physics can contribute to finding solutions.

In conclusion, we all agreed on the importance of collaboration to break down barriers and showcase the value of physics. Our ultimate goal was to inspire the next generation to explore the exciting world of physics!