Daresbury Laboratory Open Day

15 July 2023

Daresbury Laboratory Open Day

Thanks to The Ogden Trust Physics education grant, a group of 66 community members, consisting of 29 adults and 37 young people, had the incredible opportunity to visit the awe-inspiring Daresbury Laboratory Open Day for the first time.

The feedback from our Rochdale group has been overwhelmingly positive, with participants describing it as an amazing day filled with the wonders of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Maths (STEM). Everyone thoroughly enjoyed themselves, and the young people were particularly grateful for their jam-packed goodie bags, with some expressing that they now had enough materials to open their own labs. It was truly a day that ignited a new spark of curiosity and enthusiasm in the minds of the younger generation.

One of our young visitors summed up their experience by saying, "Overall, the trip to Daresbury was an exquisite visit that I will never forget. The interactive experiments were a highlight for me, as they brought us closer to the world of science. This visit truly achieved its purpose of inspiring people to embrace science, and it certainly did for me. In conclusion, I absolutely loved it and had a blast!"

The visit to Daresbury Laboratory Open Day not only provided a memorable and enjoyable experience but also succeeded in fostering a deeper appreciation and engagement with science among the participants. The Ogden Trust Physics education grant played a vital role in making this transformative experience possible, leaving a lasting impact on the community members who had the privilege of attending.