'Inspired by Faith & Science'

15 August 2021

'Inspired by Faith & Science'

Rochdale Science Initiative C.I.C. held its first in-person event since the pandemic on Sunday, August 15, 2021. This event was a collaboration with the Wardleworth Community Centre and the Rochdale Islamic Academy.

The event, titled 'Inspired by Faith & Science', drew inspiration from 'The Golden Age of Muslim Civilisation'. This was a time from the 8th to the 13th century when Muslim scientists and inventors across the world led advances in fields like medicine, chemistry, astronomy, mathematics, engineering, and exploration.

At the event, 30 secondary school students who were inspired by this historical period presented their work to the community. Their displays included an exhibit on 'The Sun', models of mosques they built, and eye-catching science-themed display boards.

Young people spoke about scientific discoveries from the past that inspired them. For example, they discussed how Ibn al-Haytham's research on the eye contributed to our modern understanding of vision, optics, and light.

The event also featured exciting experiments, hands-on activities, and demonstrations.

A diverse group of STEM researchers, postgraduates, and undergraduates attended the event. It was a chance to meet and ask questions about careers in fields like physics, acoustic engineering, civil engineering, chemistry, biomedical science, Mechatronics, astronomy, and geophysics. Faith discussions were also welcome.

Dr Souhad Sharif, co-founder of the Lamet Habayeb Foundation, and local youth cooked a variety of delicious foods inspired by ingredients mentioned in the Holy Quran.

Overall, this event was another success in showing that science is for everyone.