Museum of Science and Industry Manchester

6 November 2022

Museum of Science and Industry Manchester

The founder of Rochdale Science Initiative C.I.C, Mohammed Rahman shared their story, saying, "When I wanted to nurture my son's love for science, I discovered the importance of STEM-based discovery centers.

During our visits to museums in Greater Manchester, Birmingham, and London, when he was young, we had amazing learning experiences. However, we noticed that people from our own community were missing. This made me curious about the reasons behind it. I spoke to young people and parents and realized that families facing socio-economic challenges couldn't afford trips outside their town. Some individuals felt unwelcome in museums, thinking they were only for educated and wealthy people. Others found that the exhibitions at museums are irrelevant to their lives."

Motivated by these insights, when we received funding for the 'Making Connections' project from UK Research and Innovation and the UK Science Festivals Network, we seized the opportunity to take a group from our community to a STEM-based museum and gauge their thoughts on the experience. Our group consisted of 20 adults and 40 young people, totalling 60 participants, who accompanied us to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester. The video showcases the highlights of this visit. As for the group's feedback on the experience, that is still a work in progress.